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            Application of phosphate in food processing

            1 water holding function:
            Phosphate is a strong hydrophilic water retention agent, it can make a very good stable moisture content in the food down. The water holding capacity is good or bad, related species, adding amount of poly phosphate, food pH, ion strength. The meat and seafood, water holding capability of pyrophosphate, followed by sodium tripolyphosphate, as the chain length increases, the water holding capacity of polyphosphates will weaken.

            2 poly anion effect:
            Phosphate is a kind of polymeric dielectrics, and has the characteristics of inorganic surface active agent, can make the water insoluble material dispersed or forming a stable suspension, in order to prevent the suspension attachment, condensation. Due to the polyphosphate can make the protein water soluble gum forming a film in the fat ball, so that fat more effectively dispersed in water, so it is widely used in the starch phosphate processing, pigment dispersion, emulsification food (dairy products, ice cream, salad sauce, etc.) and used as a sausage, meat the dispersion stabilizer, surimi products. The straight chain polyphosphates, the emulsification, dispersion ability and enhanced with increasing chain length.

            3 chelating effect:
            Polyphosphate is easy and the metal cations in solution to form soluble complexes, thereby reducing the hardness of the water, the inhibition caused by Cu2+, Fe3+ and other metal cations, catalytic oxidation, discoloration, decomposition of the role of vitamin C, to prevent and delay the oxidation of fat, meat, poultry, fish and prevent corruption, to maintain the color of purpose, in order to extend the shelf life of food. Chelation on polyphosphate in chain length and pH. Generally speaking, the long chain polyphosphates has strong ability to chelate metal ions and light, and with the increase of pH value increased; short chain polyphosphates with chelating ability of heavy metal ions, but with the increase of pH, chelating effect weakening.

            4 protein:
            Phosphate with enhanced effect on protein, plastic prion globulin, thus improving meat products of hydration and water holding capacity, improve the permeability of water, promote the quality of softening and food and improve the food, keep food flavor. At the same time the phosphates in dairy products can prevent the condensed milk during heating, to prevent the separation of casein and fatty water.

            5 leavening:
            Acid phosphate (such as sodium acid pyrophosphate, calcium hydrogen phosphate) is commonly used as a bakery products leavening agent leavening acids, and bicarbonate reaction provides carbon dioxide gas required for baking process.

            6 anti caking effect:
            Three calcium phosphate is usually used as an anti caking agent to improve the performance of free flow powder or hygroscopic food. Three calcium phosphate, the specific surface area is larger, can bind more water; and the special spherical crystal structure which can produce a "ball" effect, so that the free flow of powder has good performance.

            7 the extension of food shelf life:
            Polyphosphate can enhance the food storage stability, extend the shelf life of products. This role is mainly based on: (1) Regulation of PH; (2): the bacteriostatic effect of microbial cell growth must rely on the two divalent metal cations, especially Ca2+ and Mg2+, and the phosphate, can chelate with these metal cations, and its stability during cell division may reduce the cell wall, but also reduce the thermal stability of many cells thus, effectively inhibit the breeding of bacteria. Inhibitory effect of polyphosphate and its type (Lian Chang), factors, pH, salt content, the content of nitrite content and so on. Generally speaking, with the increase of the chain length, the bacteriostatic effect of enhanced.

            8 mineral nutrition strengthening effect:
            Calcium phosphate, magnesium phosphate salt, iron phosphate, zinc phosphate salt is used as a mineral nutrition fortifier in food processing (Mineral enhancer). The addition of iron phosphate and zinc phosphate in the gastric juice can because of its good solubility and enhanced biological medicine effect of the gastric juice, and does not promote the natural oxidation phenomenon.
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