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            Weifang Huabo chemical introduces you to the sodium tripolyphosphate

              An important auxiliary agent in synthetic detergent (see agent and auxiliary agent for detergent). By molecular sodium hydrogen phosphate and condensation of different. Also called three sodium phosphate. Because of its molecular (Na5P3O10) with 5 sodium atoms, it is commonly known as the five sodium. Sodium tripolyphosphate most used in detergents, a few for food and industrial water softening treatment.

              The melting point of 622 DEG C, white powder, soluble in water, chelating ability significantly on metal ions such as calcium and magnesium, to soften hard water, which makes the suspension into solution, a weak alkaline, non corrosive, is a surface active inorganic agent, has strong emulsification of lubricating oil and fat, the bulk density is usually divided into low density 0.35-0.5g/cm 3 in 0.51-0.65g/cm 3, density, high density 0.66-0.9g/cm 3; sodium tripolyphosphate are I type (high temperature type) and type II (low temperature type) two crystal form, the two difference is that the same chemical properties, heat stability and hygroscopicity of type I is higher than that of the II, at the same time the two solubility hydration heat is different when dissolved.

            Effect of:
              Sodium tripolyphosphate is an excellent assistant detergent indispensable content in detergents, majority is 10 ~ 50%. Its main role can be summarized as follows.
              Chelation of metal ions: water with daily washing, generally contain pathogenic hard metal ions (mainly Ca2+ and Mg2+). In the washing process, they will and active soap or detergent in the form of insoluble metal salts, so, not only increase the detergent consumption, but also make the washed fabrics have unpleasant dark gray. Sodium tripolyphosphate with excellent properties of chelate induced hard metal ion, which can eliminate the adverse effects of these metal ions.
              Improving the glue solution, emulsifying and dispersing effect: the human body secretions often contain dirt (mainly protein and fats), also contains from the outside of the sand, dust etc.. And sodium tripolyphosphate for protein solubilization with bentonite, played the role of peptized effect; on the fat class material can play to promote the role of emulsion; solid particles are dispersed suspension effect.
              The buffer action: sodium tripolyphosphate with alkaline buffer action is larger, so that the washing solution pH value is maintained at around 9.4, which is conducive to the removal of acidic dirt.
              The anti caking effect: powdered synthetic detergent is hygroscopic, such as stored in high humidity areas, will be caking phenomenon. Caking detergent use very inconvenient. Six hydrate and sodium tripolyphosphate after absorbing water formation, with dry characteristics. When there is a lot of sodium tripolyphosphate in detergent formulations, can serve to prevent caking phenomenon due to moisture absorption and cause, keep dry granular synthetic detergent.
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            Weifang Huabo Chemical Co., Ltd.
            Weifang Huabo Chemical Co., Ltd.   Telephone: 0086-536-8250386  Mobile phone: 0086-15063643811
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